Find What is Missing

by Victor Demko

Increase HappinessDo you feel there is something missing in your life but don’t quiet know what it is?

If you feel that there is something missing in your life, there is.  Most often, it is not a circumstance, object or thing but a deep seated longing of our own selves for fulfillment.


Do you wonder how you can more fully be happy or at peace?  Do you feel anxious or out of sorts in this phase or earlier periods of your life?  The ready availability of joy, peace and all beautiful human qualities are fundamental desires.   These are part of the ever flowing abundance that is available to all.

When we sincerely ask ourselves, “How do we navigate the way to happiness, peace and fulfilment?” we will be guided.

One of the time tested and reliable ways of taking a sincere step toward answers, is to be led toward that goal in a guided meditation retreat.

Happiness often asks us to pay a price in advance.  That price is your time and effort in taking a step towards what you desire.

Why participate in an inner renewal event? Why Meditate or do inner

Meditation and inner practice overcomes the feeling of there being something missing in life. It leads to clearness, and over time, a sense of inner satisfaction, wholeness, and a sense of completeness; the feeling of being internally well fed and nourished.

Most often we just don’t know exactly what needs to be tuned and nourished.   Taking a step into the unknown takes courage.

There are time tested steps one can take to not only shift oneself forward but to actually jump forward.  These are some of the steps and methods shared in  Be Happier Now: A Practical Day of Guided Meditation and Spiritual Practice that is available to you here either free of charge or via donation as you wish.

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